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Hey there, cats & chicks! The purpose of this web site is to introduce newcomers to the wild & wacky world of the SAVAGE FILM GROUP!!! If you dig tough guy heroes, masked wrestlers, monsters, vampires, big guns & nude chicks, well, we got that & more!! So check us out!! You'll find out "who the hell is ROCK SAVAGE!" Also, check out all of our cool movies that you can order! If you are sick of boring Hollywood movies, give us a try!! We kick ass!!!!!!!!

"Vengeance for a Dead Alien"
Don't get Harry Gross mad!
Alien packs heat!


  The SAVAGE FILM GROUP has been around since 1980, we are outsiders, we are not P.C.!! The SAVAGE in our name comes from our fearless leader, ROCK SAVAGE, whose name was influenced by the pulps!!! Our movies have all the ingredients of a drive-in movie, campy 60's lingo, masked wrestlers, kung fu action, nasty villains, voluptuous girls & lurid plot elements!!! Now that you know more about us, don't you think it's time to check out some of our flicks!?